Friday, 30 May 2014

life... lately.

Better late than never eh?
Life lately has been consumed by all things work, with my little space of the interwebz being sorely neglected. Now that I've decided to try the crazy world of freelance and explore pastures new hopefully I can get back to my first love and start randomly posting my outfits for all to see. Whether they want to or not really.
So what have I been up to lately, well I turned another year older (and more disgraceful), wrapped up my contract at an amazing magazine, saw McBusted (sorry, not sorry) and made the decision to apply for an Australian visa. Which means the next few months will consist of me selling all my belongings (hashtag dramatic, obviously not all my belongings) and getting ready for a new adventure.
For now, I leave you with some of my latest Instagram posts (yes I become one of those bloggers), just to remind you that I am still alive and still thinking about all things fash-chun. Twitter and Instagram do get slightly more love from me if you ever feel the need for a daily dose of witterings, coming directly at'cha today from The Apartment.

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Monday, 31 March 2014

50 shades of blue

Look ma, no coat.

As Spring has sprung, I am overly reliant on layering of late. The unpredictable moodswings of weather mean I will be warm one moment, frozen the next, and whilst it is generally a little too warm for a coat, I won't be running around in a summer dress any time soon.  With the dress over jeans formula is firmly in my itinerary, the multi layers are being fully embraced. Albeit in a slightly OCD colour matchy matchy way. My mother would be so proud. And when you can top of the look with the coolest Wang boots around, who's going to complain? Not I sir.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014



So you do you today is Air Max day? Today the humble and well loved style turns 27 years old. To celebrate ASOS sent me these rather cool all black pair. When asked how to style these iconic sneaks,  I decided to follow suit and rock a bit of the all black myself. My trusty jeans are never far behind with any outfit these days (remember when all I wore was printed trousers?) and with the new addition of this gorgeous Saint Laurent dress to my wardrobe, I knew I wanted to tackle the dress and trouser trend head on. Which is rather appropriate with this deceptively cold weather, hello extra layers!

So, to make a long story short, this is how I wear Air Max. Which to be honest, has rarely left my feet since they turned up on my doorstep. They are definitely the shoe of the moment, not just in my eyes, as several other members of staff at work have been wearing their Air Max recently. So if you won't take my word for it, just now that the rest of the fash pack are right along with me. Only question left to ask, are you wearing your Air Max today?

Monday, 10 March 2014

nightwear vs outerwear

Underwear as outerwear certainly has been a big trend over the past few seasons. After all, when Mr Marc Jacobs gives a trend his seal of approval, we know we will see the usual suspects rocking the trend. The big question, however is how to tackle the trend as an everyday muggle who cannot pull off the lingerie dress with model-esque ease. Read: An epic Rachel Green style overexposure situation. So when Marks and Spencer challenged me to create an outfit using an item from their Lingerie and Nightwear section, I opted for these gorgeous Rosie for Autograph pyjamas to maintain as much flesh coverage as possible, strictly avoiding any of those situations.

So whilst it may be a little odd to head out in one's pyjamas, I maintain that it is strangely liberating, and a hell of a lot more stylish than the old hungover uni runs to the local supermarket. Thrown on with a snappy pair of heels and a devil may care attitude, you may just be ready to run the world. Depending on the exact type of pyjamas you may opt to rock them as a co-ord, or just an updated version of the power suit. I chose to break up the set, as who can argue with two for the price of one? With an man's shirt and my cosiest knit, the trousers certainly did turn some heads, but when an outfit is as comfortable as this, I'm really not too bothered.

For a simpler look, I layer the pyjama shirt with a pastel shirt (and fabulous shoes to match) and the perfect peek-a-boo camisole to really capture the underwear as outerwear trend. Is it one for the faint hearted? Probably not. But it is one for those of us who just can't seem to separate ourselves from the bed in the morning. 

In other news, yes this is my first blog post of the year. Thank you lack of internet in my new flat. And yes, I did chop off a considerable amount (12 inches to be exact) of my hair. But that was so 2 months ago, and it's now grown out quite a bit. Apart from the monumental lack of wifi and loss of inches, my life has mainly consisted of work, work and more work. Now fashion week is firmly behind us, I may be able to catch a breather and finally get back on track.

Monday, 30 December 2013


Photography: Elodie Russo

The casual trainers are sneaking their way back in to the wardrobe once again, because we wouldn't want to change too much for the festive season, would we? With a splash of neon, I'm certainly stepping a millimetre outside of my comfort zone. But when you have comfy shoes, one can risk it slightly sartorially. Once again, really walking on the wild side there. Don't worry dear reader, I do find the irony in the fact that until about 5 months ago, I hadn't owned a pair of trainers for about 6 years. Talk about binge wearing.